Vertoe with MetroButler Helps You Travel, Lug-Free

MetroButler is always looking for ways to make your travel experience easier, more convenient, and as hassle-free as possible. To that end, we've partnered with another service that can help ease one of the most common burdens for travelers. 

Imagine you have just arrived in the city of your dreams. You're excited to explore the city, but you can't check into your Airbnb for another 6 hours. Or you're checking out of an Airbnb and want to explore the beautiful city on your last day before catching your flight. But what will you do with your bags? There are a number of options...none of which are ideal...

  • You sit in a coffee shop and watch your bags

  • You wait at the airport until your Airbnb is ready to store your luggage

  • You ask your host to hold your luggage while you explore the city

  • You drop the host’s keys at the management company and request them to hold your bags on your last day

  • You squeeze your luggage into a crowded subway car

  • You book an expensive cab because you cannot lug anymore

  • Or you simply get frustrated as your vacation day gets ruined!

    Don’t worry we’ve all been there! In fact, 1 in 5 guests ask their host for luggage storage either before check-in or post check-out. It becomes an awkward experience for the host, the new guest and the old guest and it becomes worse when at times, the old guest needs to open their bags in front of the new guest who is sitting in the same room!

    Enter Vertoe, an on-demand short term storage provider, so when you check out of your Airbnb next time, you can safely store your bags affordably and conveniently. Vertoe has over 70 locations in New York City and you can store your luggage for as low as $5.95/day.

    Vertoe’s web app is optimized for speed and efficiency, so within minutes you can book and access your space in just 3 easy steps. As part of Vertoe's partnership with MetroButler, you can even use coupon code ‘vertoefirst’ to unlock a 5% discount on the Vertoe luggage store.

    Following the initial launch in NYC, Vertoe plans to expand to more cities in the US later this year. To learn more, visit or just write to