MetroButler + StoreMe Lighten the Load

Here's a scenario: 

You've just spent seven days in the West Village, wandering around galleries and eating avocado toast. Your flight leaves from JFK at 8 p.m., but you need to check out of your Airbnb rental at 11 a.m., and you realize you haven't even shopped for the souvenirs you promised your nieces and nephews back in Minneapolis. Besides which, you're definitely going to need another Cronut before you head back home. 

But what do with your giant suitcase while you spend the next six hours hitting the pavement?

There's a new company that has the answer for NYC, and MetroButler now partners with them!

StoreMe is an on-demand mobile app offering hourly and daily rates for storing personal items in locations all over NYC. They utilize existing space to store items out of the public eye and in a safe and secure place. 

With StoreMe, you can store anything from suitcases to gym bags, to bikes and shopping bags. Once you open the app, you can search the city to find the nearest storage location -- shopfronts, galleries, hotels, and individuals are just a few examples -- and enter the number and size of your items.

To complete the process, you'll take a picture of those items, indicate the date and time of your pick-up, and reserve the space! Then, head over to that location, drop your items, and the city is your oyster, baggage-free.

If you're visiting NYC through MetroButler, you'll get a code that lets you store your items free for the first hour! We'll be providing those codes to all upcoming guests this month and next!

To learn more about StoreMe check out their website here.