Valentine's Day Plans? MetroButler Can Help!

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we've decided to put together a list of MetroButler-approved holiday plans for the seasoned valentine and Cupid's dilettantes, alike. The following is our top choices culled from Airbnb's NYC Experiences roster. Whether you're spending this V-Day with your one and only, with friends, or flying solo, these are all swoon-able ways to combat the mid winter chill.

...Except number 5. You should probably only do that if it's #reallove. But we won't judge you
either way!

1. Visiter Brooklyn en Francais. Even if you don't speak French, it's a widely accepted belief that French is the international language of love. 
Location: Williamsburg and Bushwick 

2. Tour the NYC Flower Market. Flowers? Check! Doctor's Note: not recommended for those with allergies.
Location: Chelsea

3. Make a Box of Chocolate Truffles. Beach season is still several months away. You've got time, indulge. 
Location: Upper West Side

4. Make Chinese Dumplings from Scratch. There's no quicker way to a person's heart than through their stomach. 
Location: Hell's Kitchen

5. Elope with an Expert Photographer. If you've caught the feels, put a ring on it. Capture the moment for posterity. 
Location: Your Pick!

Or of course, you could just book an Airbnb! If you try out any of these experiences, we want to hear about it. Don't forget to tag @MetroButler on Facebook and Instagram if you're able to capture the magic this V-Day.