Airbnb CEO's Open Letter

Last Thursday, Airbnb co-founder and CEO, Brian Chesky, shared an open letter with the Airbnb
community, announcing two 2018 agenda items.

First, Airbnb will release its first annual stakeholder report, in March, in an effort towards greater transparency and accountability. Second, Ken Chenault, CEO of American Express, which Chesky rightly calls "one of the most successful trust-based companies in the world" will join Airbnb's Board of Directors as its first non-affiliated independent member.

The crux of the letter serves to underscore what Chesky means when he asserts, "We want Airbnb to be a 21st-century company." and continues "It’s clear that our responsibility isn’t just to our employees, our shareholders, or even to our community – it’s also to the next generation.
Companies have a responsibility to improve society, and the problems Airbnb can have a role in
solving are so vast that we need to operate on a longer time horizon." 

The addition to the Board of Directors and the release of the annual stakeholder report will serve towards what Chesky calls "institutionalizing [those] intentions."

At MetroButler, we've always admired Airbnb's mission of sharing and inclusivity via the global community. Chesky makes these commitments clear as ever in this letter, while outlining the steps Airbnb is taking towards solidifying those ideals in 2018 and beyond.

Chesky concludes the letter with a telling statement. He writes, "This is the magical world of Airbnb. We will probably never fully realize this vision, but we will die trying."

Airbnb has its eyes on the long haul, but if all Airbnb accomplishes as a 21st century company is helping a few hundred thousand people make ends meet and a few million more people feel that much closer in a world that seems, simultaneously, ever more fractured and ever more connected, Chesky seems to think that's a good enough place to start.

And at MetroButler, so do we.