Why We Love Properly ; )

2017 was a busy year for us, and we're kicking off 2018 in exciting ways. Chief among them is our Property Manager Partnership with Properly (an industry leader in short-term management tools and dashboard services).

We've been using Properly for over a year and the platform serves an integral role in MetroButler's day-to-day operations. We use their technology to schedule our butlers' jobs when they check guests in and out of our hosts' homes. Properly lets us do this in a way that's simple for us, simple for our butlers, and which keeps everything organized in one user-friendly, accessible place.

We love using Properly because:

1. We can keep all important information stored for each property we manage (i.e. Don't use bleach on the bathroom marble!). Adios, sticky notes!

2. Properly synchronizes with our property management booking platform, so check-ins and -outs automatically integrate on our calendar when reservations are booked...all we have to is ping them out to our MetroButler cleaning team members.

3. We can easily pinpoint who did what, when and where. All of our butlers are able to upload pics, straight from their phone and onto our dashboard app, of every finished job.

And our butlers love using Properly too, because they can easily view all the relevant info for a scheduled job (i.e. Key Exchange: 2 a.m.!) and easily decline or accept. No scrolling through dense information; no opening emails or answering texts. 

Giving hosts and guests the best possible experience all starts with our MetroButler cleaners, and we can't imagine doing what we do without Properly at our fingertips and on our smart phones. With Properly, there really is a proper place for everything. We wish we could use it to manage our desk drawers, but we'll take what we can get.

If you're a fellow property manager, check out Properly's site here -- we know you'll love them as much as we do!