Airbnb Takes Further Steps to Combat Racism

Back in early June, Airbnb publicly announced a plan to partner with The California
Department of Fair Employment and Housing to test for racial biases hosts may use
to discriminate against potential renters, looking to book their homes.

Many instances of racist behavior caused by hosts have surfaced over the years, but
now important steps are being taken to hopefully end this racial discrimination.
According to the official NAACP website, NAACP and Airbnb are partnering together
to help people of color to “earn extra income and drive benefits of tourism” in their

This partnership will also profit lower income areas by bringing more tourism
and the benefits that come with it, to the areas that need it most. According to the NAACP article, “Analyses have shown that Airbnb and home sharing can provide significant economic benefits to communities that have not benefitted from tourism in the past.”

We are excited to see the new opportunities this partnership will bring, not only to
Airbnb but also to communities all over. MetroButler remains committed to helping ALL hosts share their homes and applauds this effort.