What Makes Airbnb So Likable?

The process involved when companies attempt to build mutual trust with their customers can often be a challenging one. Sites like Airbnb that are based off of customer-to-customer transactions have to take extra measures to ensure that users not only trust one another, but also trust the facilitating company itself.

Forbes recently analyzed the ways Airbnb’s approach and design makes it the “approachable” website that we know today. The two features that most stood out for users are “visual design and user experience”.

It does make intuitive sense that Airbnb chooses to focus on these two aspects of the website, in order for users to feel comfortable using their product. Booking out a room that is actually owned by someone else, and feeling 100% comfortable about that experience, is not an easy adjustment for some people. Being able to see visually pleasing photos of rentals on their site, along with the sophisticated layout of the site itself works as a way to combat the uneasy feelings experienced by some.

Design and user friendliness can completely change the way customers view a company which is why Airbnb holds the trust of so many hosts and renters around the world.