Airbnb Check-In's Finally Get an Upgrade

Yesterday, Airbnb rolled out a new way for guests to check into their home that eliminates difficult instructions, misunderstandings and guess work between guests and hosts.

Since there has been no formal set way to check in before now, hosts would go to great lengths (such as having to take pictures and send detailed instructions to each individual guest) to make sure that their guests first impression of their Airbnb was non-stressful, and that above all, they would know how to be able to actually enter the home without hands-on assistance.

The new update will eliminate the need for hosts to send the same instructions to each new guest and instead contain, according to TechCrunch, an “integrated check in flow within the app and on the web that will show detailed, step-by- step instructions on how to check in.” An email will also be sent to the guest three days prior to check in, containing the instructions.

We are all about making things as user-friendly as possible at MetroButler and it's one of the reasons we provide our own hands on experience during check in, check out, and turn overs.