New Airbnb Feature Puts High Quality Rentals In The Spotlight

If you’ve always considered your apartment to be above average in terms of quality, you now might be able to show potential guests just how great it really is. A new feature on Airbnb will begin to label certain listings as “premium”. Homes with features such as luxury furniture, high quality bedding and towels, and other similar amenities, will be displayed on a separate premium section of the home sharing website.

The purpose of adding this feature, along with the background check feature mentioned in our previous blog, is to make Airbnb users more comfortable when they are renting out homes from strangers.

This feature also aims to win over those who prefer to stay in hotels that provide luxury amenities as opposed to amenities they could find at their own homes. 

The new premium section of the website will be available later this year and is tentatively named Select, but is expected to rebrand to a new name before official launch.