Airbnb Implementing New Background Check Technology

The idea of letting strangers stay in your home, alone, while you are away, is understandably one of the aspects of Airbnb hosting that is more nerve wracking than others.

Having said that, hosts will soon be able to have further peace of mind while they are renting out their home, once Airbnb completes its purchase of Trooly. Trooly is a startup that produces technology to help conduct background checks on guests and according to Fortune, is able to search information through “search engines, public records, and social messaging services.” This process will help eliminate the process of traditional customer screening by eliminating any need for “conventional background checks or credit card score services.”

Just like Airbnb, MetroButler is constantly working on ways to make the process of renting out your apartment as easy and stress free as possible so you can enjoy being away without having to worry about whether or not your apartment has been left in good hands. Tools like Trooly will continue to improve the experience and enhance safety for all parties.