Airbnb's Open Homes Opens Doors To Those In Need

Airbnb’s efforts to make a positive social impact continue with the launch of their new sub-site Open Homes. This new platform differs from the typical way hosts use Airbnb to rent out their homes, instead allowing anyone to sign up and host a person in need of a place to stay.

According to Fortune once a user signs up to be a host, “nonprofits and relief worker agencies then use [the website] to search for temporary housing”. To make it easy for those in need, since many of them do not have any access to a computer or phone, different nonprofit volunteers and relief workers are the ones responsible for booking logistics. The relief groups and nonprofit volunteers do all of the heavy lifting on behalf of the misplaced person, and then pass the home along to the person in need for their use.

Open Homes will also serve as a way for Airbnb to follow through with their statement earlier in the year to house any refugees across the globe, while also letting people who may not typically use their services make a difference and help those in need.