Airbnb Taking Steps To Get Rid of Racist Hosts in California

Airbnb is no stranger to taking strides towards equality for all, even beyond the walls of their company. Earlier this year, they formed a campaign to raise funds for displaced refugees around the world, looking for shelter and protection in new countries.

Across the world in May, Airbnb Australia created a promise ring, in partnership with eBay, whereby Australian citizens could purchase and wear rings to demonstrate their support for the legalization of LGBT marriages in their country.

Now, Airbnb is taking steps to eliminate racism not only around the world, but also within their own company. After many guests have brought evidence to light indicating racial discrimination by some Airbnb hosts, The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing took action. Airbnb gave the department permission to test for racial biases hosts may use when choosing who rents out their home while they’re away.

Hopefully in the future, more cities will take note of California’s actions and work toward making Airbnb residences across the world equal to all. MetroButler continues to support the fair sharing of homes to all people, from all places, and applauds this step made by Airbnb and the State of California.