Airbnb Invests in Restaurant App, Resy

2017 has barely begun, but the hospitality industry is already making strides to put its mark on the year! On January 9th, the giant of the sharing economy, Airbnb, announced that it would be investing in Resy, an app designed to facilitate restaurant reservations.

Rapidly-growing Airbnb is one of the most highly-funded startups in the world. The company has raised over $3 billion in funding, and is currently valued by investors at $30 billion. Now, Airbnb is looking to place some investments in other companies as well.

“Helping people find and book incredible local restaurants is a key part of us moving beyond just accommodation to focus on the whole trip,” Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said in a statement.

Resy, a feature-based app that differentiates itself by not charging diners a booking fee, aims to curate restaurants lists for each customer, so that each customer sees only restaurant choices that may appeal to them. This aligns with Airbnb’s ambition to create a more immersive travel experience. Within the next few months, Airbnb will integrate Resy into its own app, allowing for reservations to be made through the Airbnb app, and the startups have already partnered together on Trips.

Ultimately, Airbnb hopes to harness Resy’s table-booking services to expand beyond just home-sharing, constituting part of its plan to become the world’s first one-stop shop for travelers. At MetroButler, we can’t wait to see how this investment shapes the future of Airbnb—and, to a greater extent, the hospitality industry at large.