Airbnb BOOMS during local events!

EuroNews- Airbnb prepares to host 250,000 visitors during France's Euro 2016 soccer tournament-

"With a week to go before the UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament kicks off in France, the international accommodation rental website, Airbnb, has announced its expecting over 250,000 tourists in Paris and other host cities."

Starting on June 10th and running for a month until July 10th, Euro 2016 will be taking place in several cities across France. Being one of the top soccer tournaments in the world, UEFA's Euro Championship draws hundreds of thousands of tourists to its host countries every four years. This influx of people now benefit from having the option to stay in Airbnb's as well as hotels.

Airbnb's estimates that over 250,000 people are already booked to stay in one of the many cities in France that will be hosting tournament games, including over 110,000 of those tourists planning on staying in Paris through the Airbnb platform.

These numbers are staggering and prove how important events are to local communities and the lodging industry at large. Whether it is a HUGE international soccer tournament, a music festival, or a community parade, people love to travel for events and need a place to stay. Airbnb has allowed for a new, and a lot of times cheaper option, when attending these events while directly infusing the local economy with income.

With the increased demand for housing because of these events, more and more locals are seeing the benefit in listing their homes on Airbnb and making supplemental income.

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