Arizona takes steps to encourage the sharing economy!

TechCrunch- Arizona's Governor Ducey signs SB1350 into law, prohibiting the ban of short-term rentals

"From the governor's perspective, the law helps travelers who, instead of turing to hotel chains, can inject the profits of tourism directly into the local economy by paying locals."

The new law signed by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey prohibits cities and local municipalities from banning short-term rentals, such as Airbnb. This is yet another big win for sharing economy advocates such as ourselves at MetroButler. This type of legislation follows similar pro-sharing rulings that we've already witnessed coming out of New Jersey, and Sacramento

The forward thinking from Arizona's Governor Doug Ducey is a bright spot in the current sharing economy debate that is raging throughout the world right now.  His plan to develop public policy that encourages the sharing economy is looking towards the future with an emphasis on making sure the benefits are injected into the local economy, the likes of which many cities have already seen. 

We salute you Governor Ducey!