FRIDAY! MetroButler staff picks are BACK!

It has been a long cold week that has everyone in the MetroButler office dreaming about the summer sun and the exciting trips that we all have planned.

Justin our resident cowboy... he rocks the boots regularly... is from Montana and thinks it should be the next hot travel location.  If you're looking for an outdoor vacation option Justin has all the info for you to plan your next great trip!

BTW it goes without saying, when you plan your trip to Montana, MetroButler can help you pay for your trip while you're gone!

Justin's Montana suggestions:

Justin's favorite place in Montana is Flathead Lake. Flathead Lake is the largest freshwater lake in the lower 48 west of the Mississippi.... basically take out the Great Lakes and you have Flathead Lake. If you're looking for nature and beautiful landscapes this is the travel location for you!

Eat: Go kill your meal...its called fishing and hunting. If you're not a casual outdoorsman and you need some guidance to live off the land there are tour guides that will take you fishing & hunting and help you cook what you catch.

Drink: PBR's from the can while sitting around a camp fire or while floating in the lake.  There is also a brewery out on the lake called Flathead Lake Brewing Company.

Play: The lake and the woods are the home to the activities that should be bringing you to Montana.  There are plenty of water-sports to partake in and hiking trails to enjoy.. there is nothing else like a sunset over the mountains.

Keep an eye out for our next edition of 'MetroButler Staff Picks' (which will include a place you'll actually go to...sorry, we just had to do this so Justin would feel adequate) to hear where Lisa suggests you take a short vacation to next!

As always, if you plan on traveling outside of NYC, let MetroButler help you rent your home while you're away.  With our average booking rate of over $1,000, we can easily help you pay for your flights and probably your entire trip considering its Montana!

Brittany Miller