Business Travel is changing, and MetroButler is here to help you rent your home while you travel.

Skift- Business Travel is Resilient, But Slowing -- Corporate Travel Innovation Report

A new study shows that nine out of 10 travelers are routinely stressed out on their pricy international business trips.

The travel industry has seen an influx of disruption over the past few years affecting travelers and businesses alike who are on the front lines of managing bookings and travel details.  With the changes in the industry brought on by the likes of Airbnb for lodging, Uber for car services, and the ever changing airline ticket prices, individuals and business travel managers are tasked with finding the best ways to travel affordably.

The Skift study shows that travelers are not satisfied with their travel plans and are constantly looking for ways to improve their trips, specifically when it comes to saving money and providing peace of mind regarding safety and comfortability.

Smart companies that adopt innovative digital methods for providing and monitoring travel services will be well positioned regardless.

Services such as MetroButler are the perfect example of innovative digital travel methods that add turn-key value and savings. By creating a new form of extra income while simultaneously reducing certain stressors related to travel, MetroButler helps improve the happiness of of our traveling clients.

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Brittany Miller