MetroButler Host Testimonial

MetroButler wouldn't be the success that it is today without the great hosts that we work with on a daily basis. The trust our hosts have in us to keep their homes safe (while also helping them generate income while they are gone) has been the key to our success as a company. I interviewed one of our happy hosts to learn a little more about his perspective on MetroButler.

Max is a 29 year old professional who works in technology and has used MetroButler many times to help make him supplemental income while he was traveling. 

MetroButler: Why did you choose to rent your home on Airbnb?

Max: I decided to use MetroButler to generate supplemental income to help pay for my vacations. I figured if my apartment is empty while I'm away why not let MetroButler do all the work to make me some money that I could put towards my travel.

MB: Would you have rented your home without the help of MetroButler?

Max: No, I would not have rented my home without MetroButler.  It would have taken too much personal time needed to make it work without the MetroButler team. I loved the idea of getting paid while I traveled without having to think about monitoring my Airbnb profile, cleaning my place and dealing with laundry.

MB: Why did you decide to use MetroButler?

Max: Because I trust the MetroButler team. I like that they are there to take care of any issues that may arise and I'll come back to my home just as I left it. The fact that they also provide around-the-clock service, day or night, was also a huge benefit.

MB: How long were you away on a normal basis while using MetroButler and did you have any special requests for the team regarding your apartment?

Max: I'd travel for a few weeks at a time and I had several guests during my travels. I liked the idea of having a guest stay for more than a few days at a time opposed to short stays. The MetroButler team took that into account when finding guests for my apartment and I had them find people to stay for a minimum of 6 nights.

MB: Were you satisfied/did MetroButler make you money?

Max: Yes I was very satisfied and YES I made money! I was able to make enough money, a few thousand dollars, to help pay for my vacations. It made perfect sense and I can't wait to use them again the next time I travel.

MB: Was there a specific service MetroButler offers that you thought was most useful to you?

Max: The turn-key services that make for a seamless experience was key for me as a host. Like I mentioned earlier I didn't have time to list my place like MetroButler did. They were able to get me over $250 a night, which is a lot more than I could have gotten on my own. Also, having sheets and towels provided was nice.

MB: General thoughts on MetroButler as a service?

Max: Simple. Easy. Smart. To me using MetroButler is a no brainer.

MB: Would you recommend MetroButler to others and why?

Max: Yes, I definitely would recommend MetroButler to others.  The team is smart and the model makes sense. If you are able to rent your place, you should be doing it through MetroButler!

If you travel for business or pleasure be our next success story and let MetroButler help you make money while you're away! Check out our website for more information at MetroButler.

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Brittany Miller