Why should I use Makomi?

Short-term rentals require time and effort. Between setting your pricing, communicating with guests, and arranging for cleanings and check-ins, the work really adds up! Let Makomi do the work for you, so you can sit back, relax, and get paid.

How much does it cost to use Makomi?

You don't pay us - we pay you! We take a flat 25% commission on all reservations and don't take a cent unless you're earning. No subscription, no sign up, or cleaning fees.

Are there set-up, monthly, or cancellation fees?

No! Everything is included in our 25% commission.

How much will my property earn per night?

Nightly rates vary, as it all depends on details such as size, amenities, neighborhood, seasonality, and length of reservation. Nightly pricing for our properties generally range between $125-$1,000 per night. Call us at (646) 866-7750 to speak to a representative who can help give you a better estimate.

How is pricing determined?

We help you maximize revenue using a dynamic pricing algorithm, which factors in everything from comparable listing prices, length of stay, events going on in your area, and seasonality. Our algorithm continually updates your listing to find the optimal balance between nightly price and occupancy rate.

When do I get paid?

Makomi places funds via direct deposit to your checking account, within 48 hours of your reservation ending.

Do I have control over who stays in my home?

You are able to provide Makomi with criteria such as total number of guests per booking, or the desire to only rent out to families rather than groups of friends. We will make sure to only confirm guests that meet your guidelines. Makomi is proud to uphold an anti-discrimination policy with regards to guest screening.

What happens if a guest damages something in my home?

Makomi conducts a photo-documented walkthrough of each property before and after each guest’s stay. If you have anything you want us to look out for, we will add them to our checklist. All of our hosts are protected under a multi-tiered insurance policy.

What happens if there is a problem while I'm away?

Makomi has a team of dedicated receptionists, should any problem need attention while you are traveling. We are here to make sure you can travel with total peace of mind!

How do guest check-ins work?

A butler assigned to your home will conduct a thorough cleaning before each check-in to ensure your place is 100% guest-ready. Your butler will also store your personal linens and towels, replace them with ours, and stock your bathroom with toiletries. Our butlers can also accommodate special requests such as watering plants, adjusting your A/C settings, or even feeding your pet rock! Your keys are placed in their own discreet and secure lockbox. All guests are provided with detailed check-in instructions, to ensure an easy and smooth arrival at your home.

How do guest check-outs work?

After a guest checks out, your butler prepares your home for either your return, or for your next guest! They will thoroughly clean, replace linens, and restock toiletries.

How do I keep track of my bookings?

Makomi provides you with your very own dashboard to mark new availabilities on your calendar, track existing and upcoming bookings, and view your booking statistics.

Do I need to already have an Airbnb profile?

Nope! We can optimize your existing profile if you have one, and if you don’t we will create a new profile for you from scratch.

Is Makomi operating in my city?

Makomi is headquartered New York, with capabilities to manage apartments all around the world!

The laws regarding short-term rentals vary from city to city. We are happy to speak with you about your city’s laws and navigate the best way to approach your city’s regulations.

What do I need to do to make my home Airbnb-ready?

There are various ways to make your home an ideal listing! At the very minimum, you must have basic furniture, no construction or remodeling occurring inside the home, a dedicated space for guests to leave their things, and the whole space for themselves. We do not list individual rooms in shared homes. With Makomi, you’re already on your way to a five-star rating!