How does pricing work?

We take a flat 25% commission on all reservations and don't make a cent unless you're earning.You will also be responsible to the Airbnb fee. We do not charge you any subscription, sign up, or cleaning fees.

Do I need cleaning supplies?

We provide our cleaners with most of the supplies they need. We only require you to have a vacuum, mop, broom, dustpan.

How do I open dates?

You go to dashboard.makomi.com to access your calendar. Here, you will be able to open and close dates as you please.

When will I get paid?

You will see a direct deposit into your bank account within 3-5 business days of your guests’ checkout.

Do you do shared spaces?

We can only manage entire homes. If you have a roommate, you both need to be away and on board with Airbnbing the space in order for us to manage it.

What do I do with my personal possessions?

While we do take before and after pictures of your home for every reservation, we do not take inventory of every personal item in the home. We recommend locking up valuable or sentimental personal items that you do not want touched.

What happens if something is lost, stolen, or damaged?

This is rare, but if this does occur, we will help you file a claim with airbnb.

Do I have access to my Airbnb account?

No, but you do have access to your calendar, which is a mirror image of Airbnb’s so you can see all of your reservation info. You also have the ability to update your listing if you want.

Can you take over my existing Airbnb account?

Yes, but you won’t have access to login as a guest or a host. If you use it to travel, we recommend having us create a new host account for you.